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Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

 I have over 35 years experience as a Therapist/Consultant. I studied under Dr. Renee Wellhouse, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John Ray, Steven Horne, Dr. Pesek, etc. I listen to your needs and then develop your unique program that will get you back to feeling your best.


Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

 Massage and Foot Reflexology help to build the immune system, give you a sense of well being, bring your body back into balance. Come in, take a break and relax into a world of total relaxation and well being!!


Meditation Art & Yoga

Massage and Reflexology Health and Well-Being

Meditation Art & Yoga

I am a certified Yoga instructor, presently I teach several classes at our 

local YMCA.   I am a member of the FDL Artists Ass.  I have my paintings displayed around FDL.   I am open to all opportunites..

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 Hello and welcome to The Country Doctor - your Home for Health and Healing, specializing in:

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Renee Waters, ND - owner of The Country Doctor, since 1984 - is a Traditional Naturopath, Reflexologist, Iridologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, with special training in Nutrition, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, EFT Techniques for Trauma and Emotional Issues. Renee Waters, ND is also a Wellness Practitioner and Educator with over 28 years of experience in teaching and providing help to individuals and groups in matters of holistic health and wellness.

Renee Waters, ND chooses to call herself “The Country Doctor” since 1984, because she has a long history of experience in Natural Health and Nursing. The Country Doctor operates in the same fashion as the Old Country Doctors did once ago and Renee Waters, ND believes in the same traditions as Hippocrates:

  • DO NO HARM:  Primum non nocere is part of the Hippocratic oath. Naturopaths do not use harmful, artificial substances such as drugs and pharmaceuticals; nor do they use invasive and dangerous procedures, such as surgery.

In the past 28 years, Renee Waters, ND has recommended to her clients the importance of drinking pure water, breathing fresh air, exercise, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, supplementation when necessary, detoxification, expressing emotions in a supportive way, nurturing a spiritual belief system and taking care of and pampering the body with rest and bodywork when needed.

Renee's passion is to make a connection with each individual she meets whether it be through a speaking engagement, therapy session or just a kind word. To be of service and a good role model to help improve the Health & Wellness of each individual one person at a time here in her own town Fond du lac, Wisconsin and also nationwide.


 NEW Therapies available

HOMEOPATHIC IMPRINTER is a device that utilizes the latest in Vibrational/Energy therapies. By combining with the basic principles of Homeopathy, the imprinter records the vibrational signature of the body, including the various harmful pathogens, amplifies these vibrations many times over, and using a type of bio-feedback to the body, stimulates the body to return to balance. Much like the way an opera singer shatters glass by hitting a high enough note. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms are damaged, killed, or unable to propagate when they encounter the frequencies generated.

• Q1000 - QLasers are completely safe, non-toxic and non-invasive. In short, it is the application of controlled light over injuries and painful areas to stimulate natural healing within those tissues. A low level laser is a device that projects safe levels of energy into your cells allowing you to recover from illness or injuries and to live a pain free life.

SCENAR - Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and zonal contact massage and the achievements of modern electrotherapy, SCENAR combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East.

• SOLARIS BLANKET - The OLM-01 is a therapuetic device made as a blanket that has a shielding layer. This EMF-shielding blanket is designed for treatment and prophylaxis of functional disorders and diseases.


Ann M's Review:

Are you feeling sluggish, low energy, joint pain, weight gain? I suggest visiting Renee and trying a ionic foot bath to pull all those bad toxins out of your body! You’ll be amazed on how it can change your energy level with just one ionic foot detox bath session.

Elizabeth G's review: 

I have been experienceing emotional trauma with anxiety. Renee helped me with an ultimate healing massage treatment with meditation and doterra essential oils. Her spirit is very welcoming and her voice, very peacful and calming which helped me get thru a very tough time in my life..

BB’s Review: 

I have been seeing Renee once a month for about 12 years. I always look forward to the massages. Renee does a deep tissue massage. I had gone to a couple other places before I started coming to Renee. Her prices are also more reasonable compared to the others.

M.H. Review:

 I have always been a person with very tight muscles. Renee’s massages have helped me very much, especially in the lower back!! I would recommend her to anyone, I know!!

Karen K. review:

 Always enjoy my time spent with Renee whether it’s Reflexology or the ionic foot bath. She has a wealth of information and always willing to address any issue or concern you have without prescribing medication. You will not be dissappointed! She goes above an beyond to insure healthy alternatives!

Tracy’s F. Review:

 I come especially to Renee for the Meddi cupping experience! The Meddicupping Process reaches layers deeper and I find more results from this therapy than other things I have tried!

Roberta Z’s Review:

I had a treatment including the Q1000 laser and the Russian Scaner. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Renee’s work!! I woke up the next morning and I couldn’t believe how light and pain free I felt!! It was worth the extra $15 it cost…you can’t put a price on feeling good!!

Dog Hunter ED Review: 

Our dog has been healed! Hunter is 12 years old, took a fall on our driveway and tore both ACL’S and the meniscus on both hind legs. He could not walk!! We prayed! God answered. We took him to three Experts, one being an orthopedic surgeon who informed us he would never walk again. We believed he would! And asked for wisdom; God led us and gave us council from Naturopath, Renee Waters. We began to incorporate massage, acupressure, laser and use Doterra Essential oils. Renee also recommended MSM-Glucosamine cream, comfrey powder poultice w/ castor oil and the Next level (found at Fleet farm). It was a huge undertaking, Renee came once a week for about 45 minutes for 4 weeks. I agreed to do this because my son agreed to carry Hunter in and out of the house for potty breaks. Little by little Hunter was improving, especially after we changed his diet to real food like meat, bone broth and coconut oil. Today he is walking, even trotting. My philosophy is now “give the body what it needs and it will heal” I am so grateful to God and also Renee Waters for helping us find an alternative to saving our dog’s life and getting him better naturally and without drugs or surgery!! 

Chars's Review:

 I have been coming to Renee for years. Doctor are so limited!! I started taking essential oils seriously and seeing much improvement. The Onguard beadlets have really been helping me!! I take 3 twice a day and I have not had to take the prescription drug…I also take NSP silver shield, 1 tbsp. daily. Renee has been giving me Reflexology treatments once a week, I believe it has really boosted my immune system and helped my stress levels. I came to Renee very sick weighing only 103 lbs. I have been able to gain 15 lbs…for the first time in over 2 years. I feel like I want to live now…….…Beware of healing crisis though…...you must let your body cleanse, sometimes that means you will feel worse before you feel better!! Stay the course…...healing takes time!!

Joe H's Review: 

On guard beadlets for influenza: My whole family was hit with the flu all at once..high fever, chills, body aches. My husband started with the Onguard beadlets right away as well as my son. The beadlets really helped them fight the symptoms fast, no work lost and the influenza only lasted for two days..I am a big believer in the On guard beadlets!!

Mark H's Review: 

I’ve been coming to Renee W, The Country Doctor Since 1984 for over a year for Foot Reflexology Treatments…I look forward to my time of rest and relaxation every week. Renee does an excellent job of both patient care mentally, physically and emotionally…I would highly recommend Renee and I look forward to working together with her in the future.. 

Ann W's Review:

 I have known Renee for 12 years. I have brought my kids to her when they were with various things: cold, congestion, sinus issues, fever, bad attitudes. She has so much knowledge, is so very approachable and helpful. She is also very accommodating with appointments. We are so fortunate to have Renee as a Local Natural Health Practitioner!! I admire her quest for knowledge and new ways, as well as age old remedies.

Helen G's Review: 

Renee and I met “by chance” twenty-five years ago. Our relationship since then has been one of great benefit and learning for me. While some people like quiet during their sessions, I engage Renee in meaningful conversations about physical and spiritual aspects of life. She is earnest about helping her clients and I go to her regularly.