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Renee Waters, ND - owner of The Country Doctor, since 1984 - is a Traditional Naturopath, Reflexologist, Iridologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, with special training in Nutrition, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, EFT Techniques for Trauma and Emotional Issues. Renee Waters, ND is also a Wellness Practitioner and Educator with over 28 years of experience in teaching and providing help to individuals and groups in matters of holistic health and wellness.

Renee Waters, ND chooses to call herself “The Country Doctor” since 1984, because she has a long history of experience in Natural Health and Nursing. The Country Doctor operates in the same fashion as the Old Country Doctors did once ago and Renee Waters, ND believes in the same traditions as Hippocrates:

In the past 28 years, Renee Waters, ND has recommended to her clients the importance of drinking pure water, breathing fresh air, exercise, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, supplementation when necessary, detoxification, expressing emotions in a supportive way, nurturing a spiritual belief system and taking care of and pampering the body with rest and bodywork when needed.

Renee's passion is to make a connection with each individual she meets whether it be through a speaking engagement, therapy session or just a kind word. To be of service and a good role model to help improve the Health & Wellness of each individual one person at a time here in her own town Fond du lac, Wisconsin and also nationwide.

asyra(NEW) We have some exiting NEW Therapies available

HOMEOPATHIC IMPRINTER is a device that utilizes the latest in Vibrational/Energy therapies. By combining with the basic principles of Homeopathy, the imprinter records the vibrational signature of the body, including the various harmful pathogens, amplifies these vibrations many times over, and using a type of bio-feedback to the body, stimulates the body to return to balance. Much like the way an opera singer shatters glass by hitting a high enough note. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms are damaged, killed, or unable to propagate when they encounter the frequencies generated.

• Q1000 - QLasers are completely safe, non-toxic and non-invasive. In short, it is the application of controlled light over injuries and painful areas to stimulate natural healing within those tissues. A low level laser is a device that projects safe levels of energy into your cells allowing you to recover from illness or injuries and to live a pain free life.

SCENAR - Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and zonal contact massage and the achievements of modern electrotherapy, SCENAR combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East.

• SOLARIS BLANKET - The OLM-01 is a therapuetic device made as a blanket that has a shielding layer. This EMF-shielding blanket is designed for treatment and prophylaxis of functional disorders and diseases.

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