I am a Artist and Yoga Instructor


Art & Yoga

  The 8 limbs of Yoga

1.  Yamas (Restraints) to gain self-awareness. Non-harming,

2.  truthfulness, non-stealing, moderation of senses, non

3. -possessiveness.

4. Niyamas (Observances) Constructive principles for 

5. cultivating happiness and self-confidence. Purity, 

6. contentment, self-discipline, self-study, self-surrender.

7. Asana (postures) to gain health and self awareness.

8. Pranayama (control and expansion of energy) of the breath.

9. Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) systematic relaxation exercises.

10. Dharana (concentration) effort to stabilize the mind.

11. Dhyana (meditation) unbroken flow of concentration.


The five Niyamas

1. Shaucha (self-purification) a number of cleansing techniques for the body.

2. Santosha (contentment) Contentment comes from an experience of acceptance of life, of ourselves, and of whatever life has brought us. Without being complacent, when we practice contentment, we find happiness. Thus, happiness becomes our choice.

3. Tapas (self –discipline) Asana practice is tapas for the body.

4. Svadhyaya (self-study) means “to recollect (or remember) the Self.” It is the effort to know the Self that shines in the innermost core of your being. Study of scripture and mantra meditation are two of the most helpful tools for svadhyaya.

5. Ishvara pranidhana (self-surrender) trustful surrender to God, the act of giving ourselves to a higher purpose.


Therapeutic Art Expression.....Yoga & Bodywork Services.....

· Pranayama (deep relaxing breathing)

· Fingerholds, Centering techniques

· EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

· Detoxification drinks and teas prepared fresh.

· Yoga Relaxation poses with DeepMeditation

· Therapeutic Art Exercises and painting with Essential oils

· Ionic Foot Detox with Shungite

· Foot Reflexology with guided Meditation

· Cranial Sacral Therapy w/ Doterra Essential oils.

· Therapeutic Massage Therapy

· Iridology (evaluation of the body thru the eyes)

· Laser toenail fungus Treatments

· Facials with neck, shoulder and feet included.

· Create your perfect Affirmation…

· Chair yoga classes at work

· Yoga on the mat at your Employment for Stress Reduction and more!!

The Country Doctor has been helping people heal their bodies with Yoga and Art  Since 2017.

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Stretch and Balance Chair Yoga

  A gentle, yet thorough workout of the whole body which also includes Breath of Joy and pranayama. Work within your comfortable limits. This class is designed to enable anyone to practice yoga and enjoy the benefits of breath, Meditation and movement. We will incorporate, cardio, stretching, balance with assist of the chair (work) and some brain stretching exercises. We will start and end with a guided meditation and breath work.  Renee Waters, Naturopath and Massage Therapist will be your instructor.