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Foot Reflexology

reflexologyReflexology states that there are reflex areas in the hands and feet that correspond to every part of the body, including organs and glands, and that these parts can be affected by stimulating the appropriate reflex areas. Reflexology is used to relieve stress and tension, stimulate deep relaxation, improve the blood supply, and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses to normalize and balance the entire body.

Reflexologists apply precise pressure to release blockages that inhibit energy flow and cause pain and disease. This pressure is believed to affect internal organs and glands by stimulating reflex points of the body. Practitioners often target the breakup of lactic acid and calcium crystals accumulated around the 7,200 nerve endings in each foot.

Nerve endings in the feet have extensive interconnection through the spinal cord and brain to all areas of the body. Extensive study using Reflexology in the areas of PMS symptoms, hypertension, anxiety, lupus, depression and painful conditions of the body have been done and positive results have been achieved.

reflexologyIn Denmark, Reflexology is the number one alternative health modality. Even the Royal Family of Britain uses it.

The Country Doctor has been helping people heal their bodies with Reflexology since 1984.

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Ionic Foot Bath

ionic foot bathYour body will feel lighter after the first session with the IonInfra. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.


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